Motion Sensor Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

Motion sensor is like a guardian for your business. They will detect any movement within the designated area and will send an immediate alarm to you.

Here, at American Security Devices, we understand the importance and security of your business. Thus, we are offering motion sensors for your business security improvement. Get a sound sleep every night with motion sensor installation.

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Advantages of Motion Sensor Alarm

Motion sensors or motion detectors are designed to detect movement within a designated area. They are a commonly used security system in Dallas Fort Worth. Moreover, they offer multiple facilities like,

Select the Right Motion Sensors for Your Business

The right motion sensor for your business depends on many factors. For say, your specific requirements, the size & layout of your business area, and more. There are multiple motion sensor options available in the market. Such as,

Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor: It detects heat energy in an environment and then identifies intruders.

Ultrasonic Sensor: Uses ultrasonic waves to detect motion and potential threats.

Microwave Sensor: Detects movements from high-frequency radio waves and is perfect for large areas.

Tomographic Sensor: Uses radio waves and covers a large area. It's good for commercial places.

Duel Technology Sensor: It combines PIR and microwave. It's more advanced and reduces false alarms.

Do You Need a Motion Sensor?

Yes! Even after having door alarms, you need a motion sensor. Door alarms are not enough to give you full protection. Intruders can sneak in through the blind spots. However, with a motion sensor, you can be stress-free. Motion sensors are like silent alarms that help you in time of need. Add an extra layer to your business security system with motion detection today!

Secure Your Business with Motion Sensor

Smart business security is something that you should have in the 21st century. Make your business easy to handle and manage with effective business solutions. Detect any burglaries with our motion sensor and smart security system. But for selecting the right one for your business it's better to consult with a professional.

Our professionals are available in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Balch Springs, and other cities we serve in DFW. Dial at 972-846-9030 for any business security, portable surveillance unit, business security cameras, or access control. You can also knock us online for any smart security system installation.

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